A Night In The Desert

tumblr_mowvt1jBYO1s5jjtzo1_r1_1280Taken from ” The Voice of Knowledge” by Miguel Ruiz

I was alone in the middle of the desert, perceicing so much beauty. I saw eternity, the endless, the infinite in those stars, and I knew without a doubt that the stars are alive. The infinite, our Mother Earth, all of creation, is alive. It is one living being. Then something even more extraordinary happened. My perception shifted, and for a moment I was the immensity of the starts perceiving the infinite in my physical body. I could see myself in the middle of the desert-so small. I saw that my physical body was made of billions of tiny stars, which I knew were atoms, and they were as vast as all of the stars in the sky.

That night, I knew that the infinite inside my physical body is just a continuation of the infinite all around me. I am part of that infinite, and so is every object I perceive. There is no difference between any of us and any object. We are only one because everything is made of Light. Light expresses itself in billions of different forms to create a material universe. More than that, I knew that there is only one force that moves and transforms everything. The force that moves the stars is the same force that moves the atoms in my body. I call it life, and light is the messenger or carrier of life because light is sending information all the time to everything in existence.

And it was incredible to understand that light is alive. Light is a living being that contains all of the wisdom of the universe and occupies every space. There is no empty space between the stars, just as there is no empty space between the atoms in my body. The space between the stars is filled with light; it only appears empty when there is no object to reflect light. Any object we send into space will reflect the light because all matter reflects light, just like a mirror.

Then I looked in my pocket for a little mirror that I always carried with me in my practice. In the mirror, I could see an exact copy of all creation, a virtual reality made by light. In that moment I knew that my eyes were just like a couple of mirrors. Light projects a virtual reality inside a mirror. It was obvious that everything I perceive is a virtual reality made my images of light. The only difference between my eyes and a mirror is that my eyes have a brain behind them. And with that brain I have the capacity to analyze, interpret, and describe the virtual reality I perceive at any moment.

[…] Through light, life sends all of that information into my eyes, and I make a story about what I perceive. The story is how I qualify, justify, and explain what I perceive. If I see a tree, I don’t just see the tree; I qualify the tree, I describe the tree, I have an opinion about the tree. I like the tree or I don’t like the tree. I may feel that the tree is beautiful or not, but my point of view, my opinion about the tree, is a story of my own creation. Once I interpret, qualify, or judge what I perceive, it is no longer real; it is a virtual world.

[…] Then I remembered that the word Toltec means “artist of the spirit. In the Toltec tradition, every human is an artist, and the supreme art is the expression of the beauty of our spirit. If we understand this point of view, we can see how wonderful it is to call ourselves artists instead of humans. When we think of ourselves as human, we limit the way we express ourselves in life. We hear, “I’m just a human; I’m not perfect.” But if we call ourselves artists, where is that limitation? As artists, we no longer have any limitation; we are creators, just like the one who created us.


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