A Reddit Dicussion On Education

Reddit Discusses What High School Graduation Prerequisites Should Really Entail

Reddit user Eris_Omnisciens launched what came to be a popular opinion: community service should not be a graduation prerequisite. Eric says, “To me, it feels as though it’s just wholly superfluous. One of the main reasons for CS to be administered is to raise student diligence and attendance. However, as most students already have multiple extracurriculars, this will only push out their schedule and increase stress. While there may be slackers which CS could improve, they will heuristically be averse to actually doing the work, and bail. That’s another problem- even if it was a flawless plan, there’s no way to actually tell if someone did the work.” He adds, “Community service also relies on the idea that the student has the time for it. Many students have jobs as well, and if one lives in poverty and has to work for extended periods of time for their family, they may have no time for community service.”

Redditors immediately responded with positive rebuttals and insights as to how community service has taught them to network, build long-lasting relationships, and understand demographics in a way that school cannot teach. Most feel as though being exposed to civic duty and their community helps foster a positive love of service.

What is applaudable, are the number of teen contributors who benefited from community service as an insight to the real world and more importantly, to who they were as a person. When we are exposed to a new socio-demographic, and when are put in a more intimate situation with a human who could be suffering, we are more likely to emotionally gage what they are experiencing, and widen our perception on people’s every day struggle and our own. One of these contributors was ‘Anonymous123421‘.

To read the complete thread, click here.


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